Eduard Gómez Bondia

Manager of activities department. Middle Mountain Sport Technician Level II, Sport Technician in Canyoning, Vias Ferratas Guide, Rafting and Hidrospeed Guide in Noguera Pallaresa and Guide of the National Parc Aigüestortes and Estany in Sant Maurici. His main strength is not his career of more than 20 years in the professional world of mountaineering, but his attitude towards us, which will make your trips and excursions in Andorra an unforgettable experience.

Joan Badias

Technician in NII montain scort. He is the number 3 in ski and Snowboard and technique in "Vías Ferratas por el EFPEM" and graduate in phsycology. Joa also is working in a ski school in Grandvalira as a montain guide in summer. Hard-hitting traveler, he has worked in different parts of the world, both ski monitor and accompanying guide. A pleasure to listen to his experiences and a pleasure to hear his explanations about nature, history ...

Lidia Nadal

Expert in Conducting physical-sport activities in Natural Environments and near to finish the NII mountain companion. Her youth is an advantage from becoming an expert in the Andorran territory, where she was born. Your sympathy will make your outings with her unforgettable.

Marc Flotats

Technician for NI mountain, N 3 ski and Snowboard. Marc has been in the Himàlaia Experience team for some years now. Its extensive experience and know-how will give your stays in Andorra an obvious plus. For sure you are not going to forget him.

Maribel Sanchez

Expert in escort montain and Technician of NII. Maribel is an extroverted person, nice and passionate with mountains. Whenever she can, after work, she will find walking and discovering new routes. This, if she is not doing, another of his passions

Mitja Salleras Nath

Middle Mountain Sport Technician Level I and Vias Ferratas Guide. He has a deep knowledge and a passion for Andorra, its mountains and its history. His wide experience and his fluent proficiency with 6 languages will make you want to come back to our hotels and trek with him again.

Susanna Salazar

NII mountain support coach, NII caving and descent of ravines and National Trainer and Training NII Technicians. In spite of being licensed ADE, Susanna has had a great passion. The mountain. This is practiced in all its facets as a good fan. You're sure to enjoy your mountainous wisdom.

Xavier Amill

Technical of the NII accompanist of mountain and trainer FEEC. Xavier, despite having a computer master's degree and having worked for many years as a consultant-analyst, has been a great fan of the mountain in all its facets and dimensions. Already at age 6 he had the first federative mountain card. He has traveled everywhere to do it. The mountains of Kenya, Nepal, Alps, Peru, Bolivia, the Pyrenees are not alien to it

Yan Audibert

Technician in NII montain scort. He is the number 3 in ski and Snowboard and technique in "Vías Ferratas por el EFPEM" He have a carismatic personality. Also he have have a high knowledge in languages, in english and french so he is going to make sure that you get to know stories of Andorra. In addition to mountain and skiing, Yan is a fanatic fisherman, who loves to explain the virtues of trout and his intelligence.