Nuestras actividades de Winter


If you want to enjoy your ski day to the maximum, visiting the entire ski station and its most hidden nooks without getting lost, you are in safe hands. We know Andorra's stations in depth. During this activity we will visit the stations, discover the best slopes and everything you cannot see at first sight: the functioning of the high-speed chairlifts, frozen ponds in the middle of the slopes, the Aneto highest peak of the Pyrenees, etc. + info


Snowshoes were the only means of transport in the country during winter. Today they are an entertaining and one of our most demanded activities. More and more people want to try this activity with us. We offer both day and night trips. Night trips require a head torch, so it is safe to walk through the forest. + info


During this activity, also organised by our guides, you will learn to defend yourself building a refuge, in case of a sudden winter emergency. We will also teach you the search operation for victims of avalanches D.V.A. An interesting and recommendable activity for families and single travellers. + info


Naturlàndia is not only a theme park with activities for all ages, but also an Animal Park with a cross-country skiing station. Located in an incomparable setting with stunning views, Naturlàndia is a must visit place during your trips to Andorra. The activities available in the park include the Tobotronc, the longest slide in the world, with 5.3 km of descent. + info


Mushing is one of our most valued winter activities after ski and snowshoes. You will be able to drive your own sledge in El Tarter, Grandvalira. Despite not being very long, the trips will allow you to discover the sense of adventure that sledge races provide. + info


Mountain ski is one of our latest additions to the portfolio of guided activities. It requires a good physical condition and a minimum level of ski, but with our guides we organise initiation "tastings" so you can discover the activity and become an amateur. + info


Andorra features several areas suitable for driving snowmobiles. There are different tours available depending on the duration and snow conditions. The activity can be booked at the reception of our hotels. + info